Dominican Sisters of Peace Honored with Pillar of Prayer Award

Honorees at the Albertus Magnus College Lighting the Way Scholarship Gala. From left, Albertus Magnus President Dr. Marc Camille, Dominican Sisters of Peace Anne Lythgoe, OP, Gene Poore, OP, and Pat Twohill, OP, emeritus Board of Trustees member Mr. Raymond J. Peach, former Albertus Magnus President Dr. Julia McNamara, Lauren Tagliatela the Louis F. and Mary A. Tagliatela Foundation, Cynthia Carrafa Petrello of the Petrello Family Foundation, and Steven Tagliatela of the Louis F. and Mary A. Tagliatela Foundation.

On Saturday, May 7, the Dominican Sisters of Peace were honored with the Pillar of Prayer Award at the Albertus Magnus College Lighting The Way Scholarship Gala. Sisters Pat Twohill, Anne Lythgoe, and Gene Poore attended the celebration in New Haven, CT. Albertus Magnus College is a founded ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. 

The awards presented at the Gala tie back to Albertus’ Mission and its Dominican pillars of Study, Prayer, Community and Service. 

In her speech presenting the award to Sister Pat Twohill, who accepted on behalf of the Congregation, emcee Ann Nyberg, a local television anchor, spoke about the 200th anniversary of Dominican Sisters in the United States. She recalled how Mother Stephanie Mohun founded the college in 1925 and spoke of how  today Sisters lift the lives of many through ministries in education, health care, social justice and more.

The presentation also focused on the Congregation’s support of the new Meister Eckhart Center for Catholic and Dominican Life. The Center, which engages and elevates the campus and external communities through lectures and service projects, opened in 2021.

Please click here for a video  of the Gala event prepared by the Albertus Magnus media team.