800th Jubilee Reflection

October is such a beautiful month and very important to Dominicans, particularly with the tradition that early Dominicans used the rosary for preaching. With this tradition in mind, we continue to celebrate “At table with Dominic” during this 800th jubilee year of his entrance into eternal life, knowing full well of his living in right relationship with Jesus and Mary.

The feast of the Queen of the Holy Rosary calls us to remember and celebrate the life of Mary and Jesus, experienced through the lens of the mysteries of our faith. Each mystery, each moment in their lives, holds amazing insights into right relationship. Like Mary and Jesus, we are beckoned to hold light and darkness as one, joy and sorrow, glory and luminous realities in the preaching mission. Living out of right relationship is a daily commitment that Mary and Jesus displayed throughout their lives, a commitment to lighting the world with the gospel of love and reconciliation by being and doing in the world. 

At a time like the present, it is ever more pressing that we contemplate the mysteries of the rosary as anchors in the storms we are currently facing:


Where do I find joy in the midst of daily life? Challenges? Darkness?


How do I let sorrow deepen the space within me? Strengthen me? 

Widen my heart?


How do I allow light to shine within, among and beyond me?


What are the signs of new life around me? How am I new wine for the world?

May Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary, pray for us.