Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids Welcome New Associates

Associates 2019 (Photo by Jarek Kozal)

We welcomed and celebrated 10 new Associates on Friday, August 2, in Dominican Chapel at Marywood in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Each new Associate gives voice to their deepening faith journey, sharing with our community of Sisters and Associates, and family and friends, their public expression of solidarity with the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids.

They have spent the past year learning about Dominican spirituality and the pillars of prayer, study, community, and service. This formal commitment to Dominican Associate Life is the final step of their mentored year of study.

We are grateful to the Sister and Associate mentors who have walked beside these women and men during this year of formation. The mentoring process to become an Associate draws on the wisdom and practices of spirituality practiced by Dominicans over eight centuries. 

  • Barb Derby (Mentors: Catherine Anderson, OP, Yvonne Hebert)
  • Jennifer Flynn (Mentors: Ann Porter, OP, Yvonne Parrish)
  • Mindy Hills (Mentors: Mary Ellen McDonald, OP, Pat Jennings)
  • Ann Karasinski (Mentors: Rosemary O’Donnell, OP, Mary McNeil)
  • Betty LaDuca  (Mentors: Mary Louise Stauder, OP, Linda Gridley)
  • Jean Peck (Mentors: Elaine LaBell, OP, Mary Marks)
  • Regan Postma-Montaño (Mentors: Kathi Sleziak, OP, Jan Zomberg)
  • Jim Rademaker (Mentors: Mary Catherine Fodrocy, OP, Pat Hawkins)
  • Sandy Rademaker (Mentors: Mary Brigid Clingman, OP, Jo Carr)
  • Mary Jo Shivlie (Mentors: Jarrett DeWyse, OP, Dawn Ewald)

To view photos of the new Associates, please click here.