Aquinas Institute of Theology: “Women Living Theology”

“We realize that as women you need to get together with other women of the Church to be fed spiritually as individuals, to be updated theologically for your work, and perhaps most of all to have an opportunity for expressing your own insights into the relationship we all share with our God.”

Thus, we hope you will give serious consideration to attending this year’s inaugural conference led by Sister Kathleen McManus, OP, who was a student at Aquinas from 1987-89. She now teaches systematic theology at the University of Portland.

After graduating from Aquinas, Kathleen did her doctoral studies with famed Dominican theologian, Edward Schillebeeckx, and his own work on the redemptive meaning of suffering in the world. Kathleen’s concentration is on the suffering experience of women. In Portland she works with devout Catholic women in her parish who continue to struggle over the role of women in the Church and society. Recently she spent part of a sabbatical in Mexico among very poor women where she “witnessed the restless passion that will transform theology” as it places “the poor, women, and the oppressed at the center of theological understanding.”

Kathleen’s research and experiences will set the stage for our 2018 conference: “Woundedness and Redemption in the Feminine Body of Christ.” Please join us on Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2.

You can register on the Aquinas website ( by clicking on “Special Event Registration” under Quick Links on the right side of the landing page. Save by registering before April 30 when the price will go up.”