“Trinity: A Story of Deep Delight”—Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa Anne Marie Mongoven, O.P.’s Book Published

Sr. Anne Marie Mongoven, OP, a Dominican of Sinsinawa, was a graduate of Trinity High School and an alumna of Rosary College. She authored the recently published work, Trinity: A Story of Deep Delight. Although she knew of its pending publication, she died shortly after completing the book in July 2017.

“Go beyond the traditional understanding of the Holy Trinity with this new exploration from Sr Anne Marie Mongoven on the relationship between humankind and the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This book delves into the mysteries of the Trinity through investigation of dynamic literary images and reveals what the love between the Holy Trinity can teach us about loving each other and ourselves.” (Columba Books. Retrieved from https://columbabooks.com/product/trinity-a-story-of-deep-delight/)