A screenplay, Maggie, written by Southern Dominican friar, Armando P. Ibanez, O.P., has been  awarded two finalists awards and selected as an Official Selection of Docs Without Borders International Film Festival. Maggie has been selected as a finalist in The Southern California  Screenplay Competition and a Quarterfinalist in the Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards (Season  7).  

The Southern California Screenplay Competition states in its FilmFreeway listing: “We’ve  created a platform where the screenwriters of tomorrow have a place to showcase their talent  today.”  

“The Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards were created to locate and expose up-and-coming  screenwriters, as well as to empower and promote those talented writers still waiting for their  invitation to the mainstream.”  

“We’re excited about these accolades,” said Ibanez, whose films, according to, have won 25 film awards from national and international film festivals and competitions. He added that Maggie is scheduled to go into production sometime this year, with principal  photography set to take place in New Orleans.