Houston Dominican Celebrates 100th Birthday

Our community, along with family and friends of Sister Raphael Bordages, OP, joyously celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday, November 20th. Not only is she distinguished by her formidable age and indominable spirit, but Sr. Raphael is also the first Houston Dominican to reach a century in our congregation’s 139-year history!

One of thirteen children, Sr. Raphael grew up in Beaumont and attended St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School from elementary through high school, graduating in 1939. She entered the convent in 1940 and has said, “The Dominican Sisters had a great influence on our family. Our family was very close with Sister Raphael Burke, and the community of St. Anthony’s was very tight knit. I admired the sisters and followed their example by joining.”

Sr. Raphael enjoyed 50 years of teaching in Catholic schools in Texas and California and delighted in teaching young children. When interviewed in 2014, Sr. Raphael said what she loves most about being a Dominican is the spirit. “We spread the Good News. It is about becoming familiar with God and seeing the joy of life. God is beauty. He has given us wonderful gifts and He loves us so much.” Sister Raphael lives at St. Dominic Villa. She has always loved being outside in nature, knitting, and writing poetry.