Sr. Ruth Lautt Helps Bring COVID-19 Vaccine Pop-Up

Sister of St. Dominic of Amityville, Ruth Lautt, OP, initiated and coordinated to bring a New York City Health & Hospitals Mobile Vaccine Site to the parish of St. Fidelis in College Point, NY. People from St Fidelis Parish and beyond came all day both days– July 10th and 11th — to get their shots. The St. Fidelis Parish family was so happy to further the healing ministry of Jesus in the Church by offering safe and effective vaccines against this dangerous virus and protecting the health of their parishioners, their neighbors, and the entire College Point Community.

S. Ruth had the support of the staff of her State Assemblyman, as well as Pastor John Francis, the parishioners at St. Fidelis, and other members of the College Point community.

Following the Gospel Mandate to heal not only the soul but also the body, St. Fidelis hosted this Covid-19 Vaccine “Pop Up” Clinic in the church parking lot. This provided easy access to the vaccine as well as a safe and caring environment for parishioners and others in the community.

S. Ruth is especially proud that St. Fidelis Parish was the first site in NYC’s Vaccine For All Campaign to offer both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. This was S. Ruth’s idea and she asked the city to get special authorization from the state to do it. It turned out to be very important as many people had strong feelings about wanting one instead of the other.