Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Call for Responsible Gun Ownership

SINSINAWA, Wis.—Disturbed by escalating violence in the United States, the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa approved a corporate stance in April supporting responsible gun ownership. A corporate stance is a public statement which is the result of prayer, study, reflection, and discussion by members of the congregation. It is taken in regard to an issue of human concerns, gospel values, and/or societal systems. In announcing the approval by the Sisters, Peace and Justice Promoter Sister Reg McKillip said, “Now more than ever, we need voices demanding change in our gun laws. Our corporate stance gives us a vehicle to join the call for change and raise our voices as one.”

In taking this stance, the congregation hopes to help reduce the number of deaths and injuries from guns and secure the right for personal safety for all citizens. The stance also focuses on stricter adherence to the licensing and registration of all guns; closing the loophole with online and gun show sales; and banning the import, manufacture, sale, and ownership of assault weapons and bump stocks as these are designed for mass killings in a wartime environment.  

Moving forward, the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa commit themselves to educating and collaborating with others to address gun violence and advocating for legislation that will encourage responsible gun ownership. To read the full text of our corporate stance on responsible gun ownership, visit  online.