UN 75 General Assembly 2020

Sister Durstyne Farnan, OP, Dominican Representative at the United Nations

Unlike the last 75 years, the General Assembly this year is totally virtual.  This is a huge change for everyone and one that is disappointing.  Each head of member states created a prerecording of their country’s 75th Anniversary Statement.  

In the UN Assembly hall itself is the chair for the day, who calls on the member state and introduces their head of state’s prerecording.  Although some of the presentations have been insightful, it is still not the same as hearing the presentation live.  

To hear any of the statements from the 193 countries just click onto UN Journal or UN Web TV. These are two ways in which you can plug into the day’s work at the UN.  

When I was in orientation last September with Margaret, this resource was one of the first she introduced me to.  The calendar of events taking place each day at the UN is listed.  The events are listed as open or closed. I’ve enjoyed going to the briefings at 12:00 as well. 

This 75th Anniversary has primarily focused on the UN we want and the UN we need reaffirming the collective commitment to multilateralism. This is an important moment in the advancement of the UN.  It is the only world organization we have to bring the countries of the world together.  The UN  is more important than ever if we are to find a solution to the pandemic we are experiencing on a global level. 

I invite you to listen to the recording below to get a flavor of what the member states are saying about the future of the UN and what is needed now.  It is five minutes but goes quickly. Take the opportunity to meet and  hear from each head of state. 

By way of introduction I share with you this statement of Antonio Gutterez Secretary General of the UN.

“International cooperation is the only way to tackle today’s extraordinary challenges and to bequeath to future generations a world in peace and respectful of the environment. Big thanks to the EU for your strong support and commitment to work with the @UN.”

Here’s an opportunity for you to share your commitment to the UN at this 75th Anniversary time.  https://share.un75.online/p/rbHngWs0C

Thank you for your commitment that sustains the NGO UN Representative in New York.