Caldwell Dominicans Develop Economic Justice Lesson Plan

Poverty is a human rights issue and one that calls each of us to do what we can to educate others on the plight of the underserved in our society. The Caldwell Dominicans’ Economic Justice Committee of the Commission on Global Issues believes the study of economics should begin early on in students’ lives via meaningful curriculum. Through literature, a child can gain insights into the needs of those who are impoverished and how one might respond. Understanding vocabulary terms, concepts of poverty, resources and other issues of economic justice have their beginnings when integrated within interesting stories.

With these goals in mind, the committee developed its “Economic Justice Lesson Plan for Third Grade” to introduce young children to the basic language of economics and how resources are shared. The lesson plan uses Maddi’s Fridge, written by Lois Brandt and illustrated by Vin Vogel, to expand on introductory economic terms and concepts. Maddie’s Fridge is a delightful story of two friends and how their relationship led to helping one another with the assistance of their mothers.

We invite you to consider using this lesson plan in your schools, preferably within your third grade classes as the concepts would be appropriate at this level of learning. Click here to find the lesson plan, which includes both teacher and parent resource packets.