Dominican Sisters of Amityville: Climate Rally

On Sept. 20, 250,000 young people and other climate advocates gathered in NYC alongside Greta Thunberg. Amityville Dominican Sisters protested locally at a peaceful demonstration in front of Congressman Peter King’s Office in Massaepequa, NY. In attendance were:  Sisters Barbara Schwarz, Jeanne Clark, Eileen Corcoran, Margaret Galiardi, Eileen McCormick, Catherine O’Shea, Lorraine Liebold and Associate Ginny Campbell. 

“It was such a joy to be with the people in support of the youth and the climate strike,” said S. Jeanne Clark who attended the event. Thinking of mountain top mining practices, the continued use of fossil fuels, and so many other environmental crises, S. Jeanne applauded Greta Thunberg as she scolded the UN with the words, “How dare you?”

“As Dominicans it is such a part of our charism to tell the truth, and Greta Thunberg is real truth teller,” said S. Jeanne. “We need to be there with these young people!  It’s the young people, the next generation who are calling for change! The earth and young people need elders, people of wisdom, who have so much life experience.”