Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa: ‘Profession and Welcoming’

By the Relationships for Mission Team of the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa
From left: Srs. Toni Harris, Priscilla Torres, Rhonda Miska, and Jean Tranel sign documents at Rhonda’s First Profession Mass.

On July 28, we rejoiced in celebrating the first profession of vows for Rhonda Miska, OP. Rhonda’s family, Sisters and Associates, friends, colleagues, and Sisters from other congregations gathered at Sinsinawa to witness her commitment as a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa. The liturgy reflected the joy of this day for Rhonda: the preaching by Mary Ann Nelson, OP; the glorious music; singing; and the profession of vows. The joyful witness of our sister, Rhonda, will be long remembered by those who celebrated this day together. We as a Congregation promise her our support, knowing by her witnesstogether we enter a process of change that enriches us all to praise, to bless, to preach.

From left: Srs. Priscilla Torres and Toni Harris present Candidates Amanda Zygarlicke and Siobhan Burroughs with candles.

The joyful celebration continued on August 7, as Siobhan Burroughs and Amanda Zygarlicke were welcomed on the eve of St. Dominic’s Day as candidates of the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa. We as a Congregation are filled with joy as these women discern their call to religious life and share in prayer, study, community, and ministry this year.