‘Dominican Young Adults Help in Aftermath of Hurricane Maria’

By Gina Fleming, OP

“During the week of July 16, 2019, ten young people, who are members of Dominican Young Adults USA traveled to Puerto Rico to offer their time and talents to the people who had been most affected by the devastating hurricane.”

The Young adults were Eileen Connolly and Sal Ubaldini from the Molloy Chapter; Mary Elizabeth Dristle and Christina Maretzo from the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapter; Natalie Infante, Sinead Reilly and Nicolette Agresta from the Dominican College Chapter and Solanyi Rodriguez, Suheily Rodriguez Anamika Sharma Paudel from the Caldwell Chapter. These young adults are part of the Dominican Youth Movement whose aim is to continue the tradition of preaching through word and action, using their own unique talents. Read article