Dominican Youth Movement: “Preaching in Action Conference”

From May 22-27, 2018, Dominican Youth Movement, USA, gathered for is 16th National “Preaching in Action” Conference at Caldwell University, Caldwell, NJ. “Almost 40 students from Dominican-affiliated colleges were introduced to the tenants of Dominican Preaching.” Students were encouraged “to pray, serve, study, support community efforts and most importantly ‘preach’ in their daily lives using their God-given talents.”

“If you are joyful, hospitable, kind, charitable and open to the world around us like saints Dominic and Catherine were you can become a saint,” said Emily Brierly, a speaker at the event and also an alumnus of the conference. “Imagine if all of us here at this conference embraced our roles as little siblings in this great Dominican Family and carried on the tradition of spreading God’s love in our words and actions – preaching in the present moment. We would set the world on fire.”

Read all about the event here at the Dominican Youth Movement website: