Dominican Sisters of Houston: Dominican Family Commitment Ceremony

On Sunday, April 29th, 10 women and men were welcomed into the Dominican Family. After 2 years of formation, they were invited to make their 1st Commitment to live the Dominican way of life for one year. In her welcoming remarks, Sr. Donna Pollard, OP reminded us of our Dominican heritage. “It is great to see so many of you here and we are delighted you could join us today. Our Dominican Order began over 800 years ago. And from the very beginning there were women and men, priests, sisters, nuns, brothers, lay – all equal and all true Dominicans. Today we carry on that 800+ year tradition.” She also reminded us that we were celebrating St. Catherine of Siena’s Feast Day, “during Catherine’s life and for us during this Easter time, our lives are filled with opportunities to gather at family tables – today is no different…we gather today with family and friends at the Eucharistic table.”

As she introduced them, Sr. Carol Mayes, OP told us this group had a challenging year. Eight of the ten lost their homes to flooding because of Hurricane Harvey. However, in the midst, of their struggles they were faithful to all the gatherings. During the ceremony, the women and men were asked to share how they will live the Dominican charism. Based on the four pillars, responses included, “Strengthen my faith through prayer,” “to learn and grow spiritually through reading and study,” “to be of service to the community,” and “enrich my spiritual journey though prayer and preaching.” Thirty others, who had previously made commitments for 1, 2 or 3 years, renewed their commitments. The liturgy was followed by a reception at St. Dominic’s Villa. It was indeed a Dominican celebration!