Dominican Sisters of the Roman Congregation New Leadership

(from l to r: Nelida Armas Tejera- elected General Councilor from Spain province/Therese Marie Boillat – elected General Councilor – Vicaress from Italy/Ysabel Barroso – elected General Prioress from Benin, Africa and Spain/Therese Demers – elected General Councilor from USA.)

Last summer the Dominican Sisters of the Roman Congregation had a general chapter in Rome to elect a new general council (see above photo). The USA province of the Roman Congregation has asked to change it’s leadership structure from that of a province to a vicariate. This chapter will take place from April 3 – 7, 2018 in Sabattus, Maine presided and facilitated by the General Prioress, Ysabel Barroso. Prayer from our Dominican Family would be greatly appreciated.