Dominican Women Afire Digital Communities are Growing!

On any given night of the week a small group of 8 to 10 Dominican women are gathering on zoom to explore the possibilities of the future, to support one another in living and extending our Dominican mission, to study and explore the implication of our study for ministry, community, personal development, and justice. It is an enriching time, a social time, and a path to deeper relationship personally and for the sake of our future.

Digital communities have given us the opportunity to grow together moment by moment, relieving us of the pressure of travel, expense, carving out weekends for gathering. Getting together becomes easy, timely, and integrated into busy schedules. As ease of use grows, the meetings become comfortable and connecting!

We currently have 50+ people engaged in groups and are looking to expand in the coming months. So for all you Dominican Women Afire….look for the invite in your inbox in the next couple of weeks!