‘Caldwell University Names Art Gallery for Sister Gerardine Mueller, OP’

Dr. Nancy Blattner, Ph.D., OPA, president of Caldwell University, offers remarks at the gallery naming ceremony (Photo credit: Pushparaj Aitwal) The statue in the photograph was done by Sister Gerardine. The statue is of the Blessed Mother usually on display in the chapel at the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Dominic of Caldwell.

On Saturday, September 23rd, Caldwell University dedicated its new art gallery in the name of Sister Gerardine Mueller, OP, a Dominican Sister of Caldwell since 1939. Sister Gerardine ministered in the Art Department of Caldwell University for 34 years before becoming a professor emerita in 1999.

Sister Gerardine and guests admire the newly unveiled gallery signage (Photo credit: Pushparaj Aitwal)

As part of the festivities, Sister Gerardine, recently profiled by Dan Stockman for Global Sisters Report, was given a champagne toast and the honor of pulling the draping from the signage for the newly named gallery. Dr. Nancy Blatter, Ph.D., OPA, president of Caldwell University, assisted Sister Gerardine with cutting the red ribbon to signal the official opening of the gallery.

Sister Gerardine is assisted by Dr. Blattner with the ribbon cutting (Photo credit: Pushparaj Aitwal)

Sister Gerardine mentioned afterward that the event was a unique experience and that she was so happy and surprised by the attention. With a large turnout of former students and Homecoming attendees, she said, “It was unexpected that they would respond to the gallery naming as they did. It was just beautiful!”

Sister Gerardine was also pleased because the gallery naming, as she put it, “is really recognition of the work done on behalf of the Congregation at the university.” She added, “The gallery leaves a physical, lasting mark of the Sisters’ work — of the Sisters’ presence — and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have worked in that area of the university.”