200th Anniversary of Foundation of Dominican Sisters in the U.S. Commemorated

In Kentucky on April 7, 1822, four women became the first Dominican sisters to minister as teachers of the children of the pioneer families. During the following decades, buildings were constructed to accommodate the growing number of sisters and students. Tragically, in 1904, fire destroyed everything. All that was left was a mass of ruins in a blackened field. With the help of God and generous people, the sisters rebuilt on new ground. The following spring in the blackened fields, jonquils covered the ground. To this day, the jonquils bloom every year and remain a symbol of hope and resilience.

In solidarity with Dominican congregations across the United States, the Dominican Sisters of Peace (including former members of Kentucky) sent jonquil bulbs to each congregation. The Dominican Sisters of Caldwell planted these bulbs on Wednesday, November 3rd, near the bell in front of the Motherhouse and look forward to their blooming in April. We are delighted to share in this 200-year history and celebrate this symbol of hope and new life for the Dominican family.