Founders Day at the Amityville Dominicans Motherhouse

The Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville celebrated Founders Day Saturday, September 11th at their Motherhouse. During this celebration, the Sisters and the Dominican Family honored the legacy of the founding mothers: Josepha, Augustine, Francesca and Jacobina.  After a morning Zoom Presentation, there was a beautiful Liturgy in the afternoon with reflections from Father Ron Henery as well as our prioress S. Peggy McVetty. 

“In 1853, four cloistered German Dominican nuns crossed the Atlantic Ocean to America to teach the children of German immigrants, only to discover that the pastor from Pennsylvania who sent for them never showed up at the dock,” Father Ron preached. “They had every right to be worried and anxious but they trusted that God would provide.  And indeed, God did.”

Although it wasn’t quite what the sisters had planned, they found a new home in Brooklyn when Father Stephen Raffeiner of the Redemptorist Fathers in Manhattan offered them shelter in the rectory basement of Most Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn.  The order grew from there and, as they say,  the rest is history!