Sisterhood and Spirit Soar at St. Mary’s Dominican High School Rally Day

Sisterhood and spirit soared at Rally Day, one of the most anticipated events at St. Mary’s Dominican High School where classes compete in cheer and relays. This year’s Rally Day Mass and competitions on February 12th followed pandemic guidelines, with livestreaming to class homerooms where students watched other classes present their skits in the Siena Gym. Five Dominican alumnae served as judges. 

Winners and categories were: 

  • Cheerleaders – Juniors, first place; Seniors, second; 
  • Mascot – Juniors, first; Sophomores, second;
  • Spirit Stick – Seniors, first, Freshmen, second;
  • Pep Squad – Juniors, first; Sophomores, second;
  • Originality and continuity of overall presentations – Juniors, first; Sophomores, second;
  • Headpiece – Seniors, first; Juniors second;
  • Poster – Juniors and 8th Graders tied for first; Seniors, second;
  • Class Participation – Juniors, first; Freshmen, second; 
  • Relays – Sophomores, first; Seniors and Juniors tied for second.