‘Legacy of Impact Award Given to Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose’s St. Catherine’s Academy’

St. Catherine’s Academy, founded in 1889 by the Dominican Sisters of MSJ in Anaheim, CA, is a boys’ K-8 day and boarding school with a military tradition. Recently the Anaheim Beautiful Award was presented as an honor to the campus. The Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the US bestowed the “Legacy of Impact” award in recognition of exceptional leadership of the faculty and staff in their mission.

But one of the greatest joys is the enrollment of 11 boys from the area motels, Section 8 Housing, to be part of our school for this fall. Several donors will sponsor the boys – not just for one year – but, to fund them through their years at St. Catherine’s. These young boys are sooooo excited and their parents are overjoyed. SCA presently has 5 boys as “underserved kids” and the one graduating has been accepted with a full scholarship to a local Catholic high school; this young man entered with a 0.7 GPA and graduated with a 3.3 GPA. Another great tribute, this time from the inside perspective was at the graduation ceremony when the students acknowledged all the departments of the school based on the Dominican Pillars!

Enjoy a video of class representatives addressing parents, teachers and staff: