‘From Peekskill to Paris’ – Dominican Sister of Hope, Bette Ann Jaster, O.P.’s perception on the global climate change conference and hope for the future

December 10, 2015 – America magazine

As we gathered in Peekskill to speak the truth, share support and call
for attention to the threat of a warming planet, our hopes rested on the
gathered delegates from many countries gathered in Paris pledging to
limit carbon emissions

Recently, the Dominicans Sisters of Hope participated in a countywide climate rally, “Peekskill to Paris.” Bette Ann Jaster, O.P. provides her insights on the importance of the rally’s message, to bring awareness of the gas pipeline to be built near the Indian Point Nuclear Facility, support for the climate summit that took place in Paris, and especially, hope for climate justice in the future. Read article