Sisters Report on Paris Climate Summit

Pat Siemen,O.P. (Adrian) on left; Elise García, O.P. (Adrian) on right
Pat Siemen, O.P. (Adrian) on left; Elise García, O.P. (Adrian) on right

Sisters Pat Daly (Caldwell), Elise García (Adrian), Pat Siemen (Adrian), and Margaret Mayce (Amityville) are in Paris, France for the Climate Summit. Elise Garcia, O.P. has been writing for NCR’s Global Sisters Report, and Margaret Mayce, O.P. has been posting reports to the NGO’s Facebook page and the Dominican Sisters Conference Paris 2015 and Counting . . . website.

Reports by Elise Garcia, O.P. and Margaret Mayce, O.P.:

Paris Climate Summit – Civil Society Events
December 3, 2015 – Margaret Mayce, O.P. reports on the inspirational and instructive sessions she attended at the summit; as well as stating three crucial points that are being negotiated. Also, the Dominicans present in Paris sent off a statement to Delegates in an effort to make their voices heard. Read more

Expectations at the Climate Summit
December 1, 2015 – Sister Elise García, OP (Adrian), reports on the concerns of what the outcome will be from the summit. Read article in Global Sisters Report

‘Dominican Sisters USA . . . Climate Justice Now’
November 30, 2015 – Margaret Mayce, O.P. (Amityville), NGO Representative to the United Nations, is in Paris, France for the Climate summit. The climate march was canceled but people still “gathered along the march route, standing shoulder to shoulder in peaceful demonstration, forming a ‘human chain’ in solidarity with all those who are and have been suffering the bitter effects of global change.” Read more

Calling for Climate Justice
November 30, 2015 – Sister Elise García, O.P. (Adrian), reports on arrival in Paris for Climate Summit, and although the climate march was canceled, participants gathered in a “peaceful demonstration, chanting ‘Hear us, hear us,’ calling for climate justice.” Read article in Global Sisters Report