Sparkill sisters host Days for Girls volunteer event

In October, the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill hosted a unique volunteer event at Dominican Convent in Sparkill, New York. A group of women and girls—including Associate members, staff and friends of the Sisters, as well as 15 students from Albertus Magnus High School (one of the Sisters’ sponsored ministries)—joined and bonded with the sisters during an Evening of Service focused around the Days for Girls project.

Days for Girls is an international, grassroots non-profit organization that engages volunteers to make and distribute quality feminine hygiene kits and provide health education to women and girls in need. Most people are surprised to learn that there are many communities around the world without access to basic sanitary supplies. For a host of reasons, including cultural stigmas, extreme poverty, logistical issues and corrupt governments, many women and girls cannot access the hygienic supplies they need. Women without this access miss up to two months of school or work each year, perpetuating a damaging cycle of poverty, illness and violence. Read more