Justice Promoters Group gathers in Chicago for discussion, support


By Sister Marcelline Koch, OP

The North American Dominican Justice Promoters gathered at Techny Towers near Chicago March 25–27. This bi-annual gathering is an opportunity for promoter input and discussion on the signs of the times and the subsequent updating of the U.S. Dominican Call to Justice as well as serving as a support to the promoters in their justice work.

Celestina Veloso Freitas, OP, International Promoter for DSI; Mike Deeb, OP, General Promoter and Delegate to the United Nations, Geneva; and Margaret Mayce, OP, delegate to the United Nations, New York, set the global context for the gathering and shared on their work and connections with Dominicans worldwide.

Promoters heard from Sharon Zayac, OP, and Pat Daly, OP on the issues of fossil fuel divestment and investment in climate solutions.

Responding to a presentation by Jean Fallon, OP, and Ceil Lavan, OP, the promoters approved a call for a boycott of products that benefit from the occupation of Palestine, focusing at this time on Hewlett Packard.

From the background information provided in the boycott statement:

The Palestinian people have lived under Israeli Occupation since 1948. Palestinian citizens of Israel live as second class citizens denied equal access to employment, housing, education, transportation and places of worship…

Over the years, the Dominican Call to Justice has supported the Palestinian people in their struggle for justice… Because of its diplomatic protection of Israel and the military arms and financial support it provides, the U.S. shares responsibility for the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. While we respect the Jewish people, their lives in Israel, and the right of Israel to exist, we do not support the Israeli Occupation of Palestine, the Siege of Gaza, nor the military, financial and diplomatic support the U.S. gives to Israel.

The Call to Justice is currently being edited and refined and will be published soon.

The following attended the March meeting:

  • Therese Cecil, Central Province Laity
  • M. Brigid Clingman, OP, Grand Rapids
  • Chuck Dahm, OP, N. American Co-Promoter
  • Pat Daly, OP, Corporate Responsibility
  • Mike Deeb, OP
  • Patricia DeMarco, OP, Amityville
  • Jean Fallon, OP, Maryknoll
  • Pat Farrell, OP, Dominican Sisters’ Conference
  • Juliann Flynn, OP, Adrian
  • Celestina Veloso Freitas, OP
  • Mary Sean Hodges, OP, Mission San Jose
  • Joe Kilikevic, OP, Central Province
  • Lyn Kirkconnell, San Rafael
  • Marcelline Koch, OP, North American Co-Promoter
  • Ceil Lavan, OP, Blauvelt
  • Ann Marie Lustig, OP, Tacoma
  • Didi Maddin, OP, Dominican Sisters in Committed Collaboration (OPSCC)
  • Margaret Mayce, OP
  • Judy Lu McDonnell, OP, San Rafael
  • Judy Morris, OP, Peace
  • John Morris, OP, Western Province
  • Joy Peterson, PBVM, Sinsinawa
  • Ceil Roeger, OP, Houston
  • Jean Verber, OP, Racine
  • Sharon Zayac, OP, Eco-Justice