DASS offers resources, support for Dominican educators

Dominican Association of Secondary Schools

The Dominican Association of Secondary Schools was formally founded in 2002. Its mission is to nurture and sustain the legacy of Dominican Catholic secondary education in the United States. Through the years DASS has nurtured leaders in the tradition of preaching, prayer, study and community and has fostered collaboration with others in carrying out the preaching mission. In the early days, most administrators were vowed Dominican religious men and women. Today, there is a greater need for DASS to offer resources about the Dominican charism and for mission integration as our lay colleagues step forward to embrace leadership in Dominican schools. Equally important is a growing need to support efforts of religious congregations in seeking new and effective sponsorship models and in maintaining strong relationships with their schools. All secondary schools within the Dominican tradition are welcomed and encouraged to participate in DASS and to benefit from the resources provided. Learn more about DASS at www.dominicanschools.org.