Five days at St. Albert's Priory

stalbertspriory_smWestern Province

What do an oceanographer, a geophysicist, a microbiologist, a scholar, and a chemist have in common? They are all Dominican Friars of the Western Province at St. Albert’s Priory in Oakland, California. Anthony Clark spent five days visiting St. Albert’s Priory. He writes about his experience in a recent article in the Catholic World Report: “One cannot help but feel optimistic about the future of the Church in the hands of such holy and intellectually vibrant men. Saint Thomas Aquinas, OP, famously wrote that, ‘it is better to enlighten than merely to shine, so is it better to give to others the fruits of one’s contemplation than merely to contemplate.’ This describes well the attitude of the priests and brothers I met during my stay at St. Albert’s Priory.” Read article, view photos