Earth Day, Every Day Labyrinth walk reminder of relationship with creation

The Dominican Sisters of Houston sponsored a special Evening Prayer and Labyrinth Walk on Saturday, April 20, at 5:30 p.m., in anticipation of Earth Day. Items reminding participants of earth, air, fire and water were positioned at the entrance to chapel. Candles and a globe were near the altar as Evening Prayer opened with the singing of “For the Beauty of the Earth.”

Reflecting on the covenant that God made with Noah and his sons after the flood, (Genesis 9:8-17, New Jerusalem Bible), Sister Ceil Roeger, OP (Houston) called for a theology of relationship when we think about Earth. In a theology of relationship, humans are no longer to have dominion over or just be good stewards of Earth and her resources. We are called to be in relationship with God and creation. Theology of relationship reminds us of our oneness, takes the focus off Earth as being here for the pleasure of humans, and puts God at the center. All creation comes from God, is sustained by God and gives glory to God. That is what we are here to celebrate.

Following the closing “Canticle of the Sun,” the four creation symbols were carried in procession to the outdoor labyrinth where they were positioned with a reading for each. The labyrinth walk followed with prayer in our hearts: “May we be zealous for the earth not just today, but every day of our lives. Guide us in the monumental and important mission of restoring the integrity of creation.”