Photos of the Week


Pius V Parish, Fr. Brendan influence Illinois legislation

Leaders from St. Pius V Parish were instrumental in passing legislation Jan. 8 that will provide undocumented immigrants with drivers’ licenses. Fr. Brendan Curran, OP and others from the parish were in Springfield, Illinois to actively lobby legislators and witness the culmination of long campaign to garner support for the legislation. They were sent off from St. Pius V Jan. 6 with an Epiphany blessing that included a prayer from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who also championed the measure. The bill passed with support from the Illinois bishops. One legislator said on the floor, “Thanks to Fr. Brendan for bringing the Holy Spirit who changed the hearts of many legislators who had opposed this bill.” Mayor Emanuel said when he spoke at Mass at St. Pius V on Epiphany Sunday—the start of National Migration Week—that he sees the drivers’ licenses as an important step toward national comprehensive immigration reform, which has had the support of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for years.

Above from left: Chicago Alderman Danny Solis (25th Ward), Blanca Rodriguez, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, and Fr. Brendan Curran, OP at St. Pius V Jan. 6.