Proofreaders, translators needed

Dominican Sisters International

Message from Sister Toni Harris, OP

Use of communications media by Dominican Sisters International has increased in recent years: newsletters, web site, Facebook, e-mails, pamphlets, books, etc. Nearly all communications must be available in the three official languages of the Dominican Order: English, French and Spanish. Because of the location of the DSI offices in Rome, we try to provide many materials in Italian, also.

Currently, DSI has two significant areas of need related to its

  • We need good interpretations/translations into English from Spanish, French and Italian.
  • We need good proofreading of English documents.

Sister Maria Fabiola (DSI International Coordinator) and I have been discussing these needs. I offered to write to our sisters in the United States with this request. We are hoping that some sisters whose mother tongue is English (and who are careful about English grammar!) might be able to respond to these needs.

Like so many other groups, DSI has limited financial resources, but can offer a small stipend for this work. However, it would be a great help if some sisters were able to volunteer their services.

May we ask you please to give this request some thought and to share this message with other sisters in your communities?

Sisters who would like to help may respond directly to Sister Maria Fabiola:

For more information about DSI, visit their web site.