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Four Key Values

Four Values: Prayer, Study, Community and Ministry

Dominicans would also describe our life in terms of four key values or pillars: prayer, study, community and ministry:

Like the famous theologian Thomas Aquinas, Dominicans are always willing to accept new understandings, even those that challenge our own opinions... In the 21st Century it's more obvious than ever that truth is never complete. This is exciting and also daunting. There's always more to know and understand and that includes understanding our own spiritual tradition. So study is a lifelong occupation for us.

Prayer is the heart of any spiritual life. Prayer is about staying connected. It is guaranteed to bring about change. Why? Everything is seen in a new light! A prayerful community helps us see everything, and everybody, that surrounds us, including what's often overlooked as well as the obvious.

Community helps us stay connected with God. it gives us companions for praying and helps us remember what really matters - our own lives, and the life of everything else that exists on this planet.

The present successor to Dominic, bro. Carlos Azpiroz Costa, says that "hands are a projection of what is in our heart." To be sent on mission is an invitation to use heart and hands and voice to embrace and to lift up, to bless and to heal, to feed and to shelter... it is love of God expressed in love of neighbor. Thus ministry is at the heart of a Dominican vocation.
We hold that the primary expression of all ministry is preaching.

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