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Dominican Spirituality

Many Dominicans would say that Dominican spirituality is hard to define, because we are always seeking new ways to express God's touch in our lives. Fundamentally, the Order is defined by its preaching mission.

We find ourselves using phrases that succinctly say what is in our hearts. To Praise, To Bless to Preach, is a way of living life that is aware that all of creation is a gift from God, thus we give glory to God in praise. All of life is a moment when God wants to infuse us with grace, and so we bless those around us and ask God's blessing on the world. All of life is a Word from God, so our urge is to preach it.

Seeking the Truth is another way in which Dominicans would describe our spirituality. We are seekers of light, insight and an ever deepening understanding of other people, the world around us and the action of God. The Dominican torch is a frequent symbol of that light. We might say that our vocation is rooted in a fearless search for truth. We are the flame of that truth (Veritas).

To share with others the fruits of contemplation: (Contemplata aliis Tradere) Dominicans live a life that is both active contemplation and contemplative action. Like breathing in and out, we know that to be effective preachers we need both: to contemplate the Word and the world and at the same time, our reflection on the world demands a clear and free response to need which brings us to action. So we act contemplatively and contemplate actively. Learn more about contemplative tradition.

Dominicans also describe themselves as devoted to four key values, sometimes called pillars of Dominican Life: prayer, study, community and ministry.

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