Marlene Summers
Oneida Nation (photo: Diane Poplawski, OP)


The mission of Las Casas is to seek justice in the lives of Native Americans.


  • To be a hopeful presence walking with Native/Indigenous People.
  • To affirm and promote Native/Indigenous People self-determination and their freedom to express their culture, language and religion.
  • To provide Dominican men and women opportunities to collaborate in ministry with Native/Indigenous People.
  • To promote awareness among Dominicans regarding justice issues currently affecting Native/Indigenous People.


The focus of Las Casas is to grant funds in support of Dominicans in ministry with Native/Indigenous People.

Las Casas Ministry with Native Americans has been honored at the National Museum of the American Indian with a permanently named brick on the Honor Wall. (3rd tablet, line 2 center, 4th floor)

Las Casas Board Members

Kathleen Donnelly, OP
Dominican Sisters of Sparkill
Marie Michelle Hackett, OP
Dominican Sisters of Springfield
Diane Poplawski, OP
Dominican Sisters of Racine
Vice President
Nathalie Meyer, OP
Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids
Marilyn Winter, OP
Dominican Sisters of Adrian