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Culture of Peace

The Issue: Iraq

The time for diplomatic solutions has come...

...at least 50,000 Iraqis are dead, over 3,100 US soldiers have been killed, civil war is engulfing the country. The original goals of the invasion have long since shifted and new realities are evident. It is time for reflection on where this conflict has taken us and where we might go in the future.

North American Dominican Coordinating Committee on Iraq has done some of that reflection and we believe that the time has come for genuine diplomatic and political solutions in Iraq. It is more than evident that military strategies and continued escalation will not bring peace to the region.  We continue to call for a responsible withdrawal of military troops, but we believe that withdrawal alone will not adequately assure peace in Iraq. Attached is our full statement. READ MORE

We pledge to:

Encourage the Iraq Coordinating Committee (ICC) to continue the development of activities and to implement strategies for the Dominican family in North America;
Encourage the Dominican family to participate in the annual International Day of Peace on September 21, with a special focus on Iraq;
Endorse the ICC’s latest statement on Iraq and connecting with national and international organizations focused on peace in Iraq.

Things you can do:

Since 1999, The North American Dominican Coordinating Committee on Iraq has consistently urged peace. As the US begins the fifth year of war in Iraq, the committee has reassessed the situation and recognizes that since March 19, 2003, much has changed. READ THE LATEST STATEMENT.

Display the numbers
in your window and continue to raise the questions about US presence in Iraq.

Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper. sample (Word) document.

There Must be Another Way
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There Must be Another Way

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The Cost of the War in Iraq

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