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Letter to Grand Rapids Dominicans Carol Gilbert, OP, Ardeth Platt, OP and Jackie Hudson, OP from Dominicans in Latin America and the Caribbean

Lima, January 30, 2007
Three Grand Rapids Dominicans

“Faith is the guarantee of the good things
that we hope for…it is the full certainly
of realities not yet seen.”

Heb. 11:1-2

Dear Sisters Ardeth, Carol, and Jackie,

Here in Lima, Peru, we are 70 participants of the XII Assembly of CODALC (Confederation of Dominican sisters of Latin America and the Caribbean). Representatives from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, United States, Honduras, México, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Peru, Trinidad y Tobago, and Venezuela have convened to share Dominican life and to strengthen our commitment to preaching the Word.

Your witness helps us to be aware of our responsibility to speak with conviction against the militarization of our world. Your voice has spoken truth to power and resulted in jail time for each of you in the cause of exposing weapons of mass destruction. We support and affirm your belief that militarization is not the answer to frayed relationships between peoples, the earth and space. Our faith recognizes that another world is possible. “Otro mundo es posible.”

Your names have become household words in Dominican communities around the globe. We send prayers of support and concern for you as you live under continued sanctions of probation and house arrest.

“Individuals with a new conscience will release our preaching” is the theme for our conference. Your bold creative actions and preaching have raised our moral conscience and therefore challenged us to release our preaching. Your recent effort to pay restitution fees through collecting food for the needy accompanied by ingenious slogans found many joining in the rally for peace and reformed priorities. Your faith leads you and us a greater understanding of realities many cannot yet see.

Congratulations on your perseverance and consistent call for disarmament and sacredness of all creation! God bless you in your preaching. We stand together with you in your faith and in your preaching.

Lovingly in Dominic, Rose, John Macias and Martin,

Your Dominican Sisters and Brothers


70 Dominican sisters and brothers attending the 2007 Assembly
of the Confederation of Dominicans in Latin America and the Caribbean
Lima, Peru

Spanish version

"Your names have become household words in Dominican communities around the globe."


Carol Gilbert, OP, Jackie Hudson, OP and Ardeth Platt, OP are currently under house arrest in Baltimore, MD and Seattle, WA after being released from federal prison on probation.

The three served multi-year federal prison sentences for defacing a U.S. Air Force missle silo northeast of Denver. In addition to the prison sentences, the sisters were placed on probation and ordered to pay $3,082 in restitution for damage they caused to a fence and the dome of the silo. Instead of paying the fines, the group's supporters raised money to feed the poor.

Members of the Grand Rapids Dominicans, the three have found world wide support for their efforts to raise issues of nuclear disarmament.

For more infomation you can view the documentary film "Conviction" produced by Zero to Sixty Productions
PO Box 1027
Boulder, CO 80306
or on line at: www.ztsp.org


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