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2007 CODALC Meeting, Lima

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Photos of the 2007 CODALC meeting
(Confederation of Dominicans in Latin America and the Caribbean)

small group work
small group gathers to plan opening introductions in the center is Mary Ann
Connelly, OP (Columbus)

welcome song
Delegates from the Southern zone of CODALC offer a welcome song to the rest of the participants
new CODALC team
Newly elected team of CODALC: (from left) Luzia Gioconda Borelli (Brasil) Maria Isabel Cruz Lolas (Chile) Therese Antoine (Trinidad) Noami Zambrano (Argentina) Irene Diaz, (Peru) Maria Rodriguez Galvan (Mexico), Joan Williams (Grand Rapids, missioned in Honduras) Caroline Conroy (Columbus missioned in Peru).
Timothy Radcliffe addresses participants during retreat

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Therese Antoine
Center: Therese Antoine, OP (Trinidad) is re-elected to the CODALC Coordinating Team (right: Terry Awaud, OP of Sinsinawa)

Irene Diaz
Irene Diaz, OP facilitated the meeting as was elected the new Coordinator of CODALC

Gabriela Zengarini
Gabriela Zengarini, OP (Argentina) gave the retreat with Timothy Radclifffe, OP (Oxford)

US women at prayer
left: Lillian Bockhiem (Grand Rapids), Kathlyn Mulcahy (Springfield) and Pat Mucahy (Sinsinawa) paricipate in prayer time.

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