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Books by Michael Demkovich, OP

Michael Demkovich, OP, is the Gerald Vann Visiting Lecturer in Catholic Thought and Life at Blackfriars, Oxford. He is the founding director of the Dominican Ecclesial Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and holds his doctorate from the Katholiek Universiteit Leuven in Belgium.


The Death of Magister Aycardus
by M. Thomas-Paul Demkovich

Gottfried Reisner is charged by the legendary Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa to discover the truth about a death which happened long ago. It was the death (some say murder) of one of the greatest preachers, teachers and mystics of all time. How could so famous a friar preacher die, and there be no record? A death, kept hidden by time and an oath of secrecy that now needed to be disclosed. How did he die? Where was he buried? These are the questions Gottfried faces as he unravels the political intrigue and social struggles at play in the death of Master Eckhart. At the dawn of the Renaissance, this adventurer must find his clues amid the shards of a waning Medieval Christendom. The Avignon papacy and Holy Roman emperor, the growing wealth of the merchants and the dwindling power of the nobles—these are all factors in the tragic mystery that Gottfried must solve. At the same time, he discovers divine consolation; in the midst of suffering, he learns the lesson of life.

Historical Fiction
ISBN 978-1-4563-1696-9
217 pages

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A Soul-Centered Life: Exploring an Animated Spirituality
by Michael Demkovich, OP

People today are searching for meaning and purpose. They know that something is missing in their lives and long to fill this void. Many books on spirituality attempt to fill this need, and the approaches are nearly as numerous as the searchers themselves. Such a widespread desire in the human heart speaks to the spiritual hunger at the core of each one of us. It is this hunger of both the head and the heart that Michael Demkovich sees as key to spiritual integration. In this volume readers will rediscover that there really is something more to life, and spirituality meets the mystery of this something more. A genuine spirituality must address two essential characteristics: It cannot be meant for an elite few, yet it must answer life s toughest and most basic questions: How did we get here? What are we destined to become? It recognizes the crucial role of religious tradition and community; it is not merely eclectic and individualized therapy, focused only on my well-being.

Retrieving a theological understanding of the soul, Demkovich explores an animating spirituality that integrates faith and life, the moral and the intellectual, into an animated spirituality that makes life meaningful and satisfying. If you find something is missing in the very soul of your being, then I am certain that this book has something for you.

ISBN-10: 0814655122

ISBN-13: 978-0814655122

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Introducing Meister EckhartIntroducing Meister Eckhart
by Michael Demkovich, OP

Who was Meister Eckhart? Does he have anything to say to modern readers? Michael Demkovich presents the prophetic life and controversial work of this fourteenth-century Dominican friar and mystic who continues to appear in current works of Buddhist, New Age and traditional Christian writers. Demkovich unravels this medieval author’s modern legacy by taking readers back to the core of what Meister Eckhart wrote and taught. This is a book that bridges contemporary spiritual searching with the forgotten practices of the Middle Ages. The book begins with a biography, followed by an explanation of Meister Eckhart’s teaching on the Soul. In the final section the reader is presented with Eckhart’s spirituality through a series of words and visual images – precisely the way Meister Eckhart taught during his lifetime.

ISBN: 2895075972


Since the time of St Dominic, more than 800 years ago, Dominicans have been living and sharing the message of the Gospel. Today thousands of sisters, nuns, priests, brothers, associates, and laity serve in more than 100 countries around the globe.
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