leafGlobal Climate Change

Convener: Elias Henritzy, OP   (St. Joseph)

Carbon Footprint – What is it? Why it is important.
Dominican Ecological CenterLearn more about what we are doing.
US Bishops – Urge advocacy for care of creation.
The Earth Charter – Is a declaration of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society for the 21st century.
Stop Global Warming

Continuum of Action

Read an article: watch a program/DVD/Video presentation Recommit to reduce, recycle and reuse Organize a showing of a video/DVD DVD’s: Inconvenient Truth, 11th Hour, What’s up with the weather?
Sharon Zayac Presentation
Visit websites and follow one story or issue Support existing organizations or letter writing/ call in campaigns for action. Organize your local parish justice and peace committee to show and discuss a video.
Research UN/NGO involvement and activity Collaborate with existing organizations. Organize a weekly or monthly prayer/discussion
Increase awareness of energy consumption and alternative energy sources Use IPJC document/chart Invite others to go to presentations
Access the nature of the problem and become aware of remedial actions Network with Dominican ecological centers Make an article available at church/work
Read an article on the impact on Third World nations Encourage our congregations to conduct an energy audit and follow up on recommendations. Prepare material for Dom Life
Grow in awareness of what you buy and its impact on the local/global picture. Organize community or family to give financial support for an organization
Consumerism Organize letter/call in research development
Utilize Dom Life to increase awareness and education Publish research of organizations/websites of who are involved.
Form a local support committee for action

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